Reverse Therapy for Health – Dr John Eaton

CFS/ME/stress and auto immune diseases.


The Alchemy of Illness – Kat Duff

What it’s like to be ill watching people who aren’t! A spiritual view of illness


The State of Me – Nasim Marie Jafry

A novel about a young woman’s 13 year ME journey.



The Drama of Being a Child – Alice Miller

A clear understanding of how early experiences effect our emotional development.




Families and How to Survive Them – John Cleese and Robyn Skynner

Funny and easy to read.




Getting the Love You Want – Harville Hendrix

A good self help book for couples.




The Brain that Changes Itself – Norman Doidge





Iron John – Robert Bly

A book about men




The Ugly Duckling – Nick Clements

A book about parenting teenagers




The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

About the law of attraction.



Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting

About being positive and manifesting the life you want



F**k it. The Ultimate Spiritual Way – John Parkin

A funny and practical self help book.



Shamanic Path Workbook – Leo Rutherford



The way of the Shaman – Michael Harner




Sacred Path cards and Medicine cards – Jamie Sams

Native American based cards for asking questions and getting answers.




The Tracker – Tom Brown

Apprenticeship into tracking and nature skills.




The Soul is Here for it’s Own Joy – Edited by Robert Bly

Sacred Poems


The Tao of Fully Feeling: Harvesting Forgiveness out of Blame

“ The first of 3 books. A personal journey recovery from Emotional