Couple Counselling

When couple counselling / relationship counselling can help

In a relationship one or both members of a couple can often feel stuck in some way. Perhaps one partner wants the other to change and the other does not want to or know how to.

As a couple you may find yourselves blaming each other or drifting apart.

Sometimes communication is difficult or the stress of life, work, children, families, finances, getting older or likes and dislikes are more difficult to deal with.

How couple counselling / relationship counselling works

There may be things that are difficult to say or that are not heard.

Through your greater understanding of what is going on, in old and current patterns in relationships, you will be able to communicate more safely and clearly with each other.

You can understand why things may be difficult and find other ways to handle disagreements.

Benefits of couple counselling / relationship counselling

As we work together and you practise outside the session you can learn to stand back more from feeling emotionally entangled, to look at what you need and to listen and speak more clearly about this.

In this way greater respect and understanding can return to the relationship and perhaps a new level of connection and intimacy.

I can work with you whether or not you want to stay together or to seperate or if you are unsure.

Further Information

I also have some Helpful Exercises which may be of benefit and some recommended Reading and Website links.