Antoine Bowes Counselling


I am an experienced and qualified practitioner offering therapies such as Counselling and Couple Counselling as well as Groupwork, Training and Supervision and Workplace Mediation

Due to the current situation I am offering Phone, Skype, Zoom and face time therapy sessions for exisitng and new clients. Please click here to find out more. If you have a zoom meeting planned with me, then please click this link at the appointment time and wait for the session to start.

My practice is based in Matlock in Derbyshire and covers Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leicester. I’m also particularly interested in working with those who are on the ascension pathway. Please see ‘A useful summary of Spiritual Growth’ in the Resources > Helpful exercises section


There are times in your life when you need to get help from someone else apart from friends or family...

Couples Counselling

When couple counselling / relationship counselling can help In a relationship one or both members of a couple can often feel

Reverse Therapy for ME / CFS / PVFS and Fibromyalgia (FM)

I established my specialist ME/ CFS/ FM/ PVFS clinic in 2005 in the Matlock, Derbyshire using Reverse Therapy which offers…

Groupwork, Training and Supervision

I am an experienced trainer and facilitator having worked for a number of organisations including the NHS, AXA ICAS, in…

Workplace Mediation

It is understandable that there will be tensions in the workplace just as is normal in our families and relationships.…


In shamanic work we address your issues but in a different way. My shamanic work and shamanic healing practice is…

Further Information

I also have some Helpful Exercises which may be of benefit and some recommended Reading and Website links.