Antoine Bowes Counselling

 10 tips for Dealing with Stress

1. Lift the lid off feelings. What is the feeling telling you that you need to do. Express this and Act on it

2. …If you tend to struggle on alone, get support
…If you are a perfectionist do things ‘well enough’
…If you don’t like upsetting people say what YOU need sometimes
…if you try to avoid things get help before it all gets too much

3. STOP and see things differently say “stop” to worried thoughts, think of one good thing about your life, think again about the issue. What would a kind friend say to you? OK am I ready to move on?

 4. Be kind to yourself. Be with people who you care about and who care about you. Reach out if it is safe to do so
5.Be present. Focus on one nourishing thing for a while. Look around you with interest and gratitude
6.Change what you are doing frequently. Take your mind off things. Have interests and hobbies
7.Look after your Spiritual needs and think about your sense of purpose and what inspires you
8.Eat less sugar and carbohydrate. Watch the alcohol. Drink plenty of water. Get physical. Exercise
9.Have fun. Do things that make you smile
10.Relax. Breath into your diaphragm. Feel your feet on the ground. Slow down. Remember what makes you content and loving