Antoine Bowes Counselling

Online and in person Counselling and Couples Counselling from Matlock

I am an experienced and qualified practitioner offering therapies such as Counselling and Couple Counselling.

Please contact or call for a free 15 minute consultation.

I am offering Phone, Skype, Zoom and face time therapy sessions. Please click here to find out more. If you have a zoom meeting planned with me, then please click this link at the appointment time and wait for the session to start although I will also send you a link just before your session

I am based in Matlock in Derbyshire and cover Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leicester but also worldwide! I’m also particularly interested in working with those who are on the ascension pathway. Please see ‘A useful summary of Spiritual Growth’ in the Resources > Helpful exercises section

Antoine Bowes

How Counselling & Couples Counselling Can Help

There are times in life when we need help from someone apart from friends or family and this is where counselling can help. Friends and family are often too close to support in the ways that we need and may also be busy dealing with their own issues. 

You may be used to struggling alone and not find it easy to ask for support, which is why finding a counsellor to share your thoughts and issues with can be of great benefit.

Online or in Person?

Many people like to have in person counselling and this used to be much more common. With the recent ease of secure online communication I have found running online sessions to be very effective for many people and can have other benfits such as not requiring to take so much time out of what might already be a pressured day.

If you are local to Matlock in Derbyshire, you are welcome to book in person sessions on Mondays and Fridays with me at the Matlock Therapy Centre. If you would prefer online or a mix of the two, then let me know and this can be arranged.