Workplace Mediation

It is understandable that there will be tensions in the workplace just as is normal in our families and relationships.

If working relationship difficulties are not addressed and are allowed to drift on they can cause unhappiness, splits in a team and misery for the individuals involved. The longer things are left the more stuck they become.

Workplace Mediation is an effective way of helping 2 (or sometimes 3) colleagues to come together to create an effective working relationship.

The whole process takes a day.

Mediation is voluntary and only goes ahead with the full consent of both parties. I will come to your premises or a venue that you choose.

In the morning I see the individuals involved separately to hear their sides of how they see the difficulties in the relationship. They can explain how they have been affected and how they have felt. In the afternoon the 3 of us meet together and work through the Mediation process. At the end of the day we will produce an agreement that can be signed by both parties.

Whatever is discussed in the Mediation is completely confidential but a copy of the written agreement can be given to the manager if agreed.

I use a particular process in the Mediation that keeps the meeting between the two staff members focussed towards solutions.

A mediator is neutral and impartial and so I will not take sides or judge who is right or wrong. The two people concerned are helped to safely talk about their sides of the story, listen to each other’s perspective and understand better what has happened to create the situation. They then can work together to find common solutions so they can learn to work effectively together again.

It is remarkable the changes that can happen.

I have worked with individuals who have not spoken to each other for years.

I have helped splits in teams be healed

I have helped people regain motivation and hope

Mediation is efficient and cost effective.

If nothing is done difficult relationships can drag on, work is unproductive and costs can be high. Conflict can lead to costly formal procedures or worse still, employment tribunals.

A follow up meeting is possible but not usually necessary.

It may be helpful for me to re contact by phone to find out how things are going.

Mediation is not appropriate if formal processes are already involved.

Further Information

I also have some Helpful Exercises which may be of benefit and some recommended Reading and Website links.


Quote from a senior partner in a GP practice following a mediation with 2 other staff.

“Can I just say thank-you for transforming her relationship with X and the practice. She said your mediation was really, really helpful. From my point of view we now have the ‘old x’ back’. It’s brill”