In shamanic work we address your issues but in a different way.

My shamanic work and shamanic healing practice is drawn from a variety of traditions. Two important teachers for me have been Leo Rutherford of Eagles Wing Centre for Contemporary Shamanism and Martín Prechtel, a Tzutujil Mayan Shaman. Also my work with Robert Bly, William Ayot, Mark Rylance and Richard Olivier.

Together we start to make external what is internal in a way that the ‘ thinking mind’ does not always understand, but the deep places within us do.

By us identifying something that you wish to explore or change and working outside of your normal sense of reality you can transform it and take it back inside allowing the power of the change to work on you at all levels.

Some examples of shamanic work are soul retrieval and release, journeying to meet your spirit guides, helpers from nature and Power Animals, energy-body work and repair, ancestral healing and the creation of ritual and ceremony.

Shamanic Workshops

Occasionally I organise weekend residential shamanic workshops locally and further afield.

One of the venues

Shamanic workshops I have run include:

  • Introduction to Shamanism
  • Walking Between the Worlds – follow-up workshop
  • Awakening the Indigenous Heart
  • Rekindling the Ancestral Fires
  • A ‘Shamanic Christmas’ in Italy

I can also tailor workshops or offer group work to help your individual group’s particular needs. We can discuss informally how this may work first.

As well as my Shamanic work I have also trained as a spiritual healer with The College of Healing, The National Federation of Spiritual Healers and The International Network of Esoteric Healers.

Some examples of spiritual healing are working with the aura and chakras, grounding and balancing the energy field, repairing energy blocks and past life work.

I occasionally run Certified Healing workshops for The College of Healing.

Further Information

I also have some Helpful Exercises which may be of benefit and some recommended Reading and Website links.