Reverse Therapy for ME / CFS / PVFS and Fibromyalgia (FM)

I established my specialist ME/ CFS/ FM/ PVFS clinic in 2005 in Matlock, Derbyshire using Reverse Therapy which offers a new way of understanding and treating these conditions.

What is ME / CFS / FM / PVFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ Fibromyalgia / Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome)?ME/ CFS/ FM/ PVFS are debilitating physical illnesses which arise as a result of prolonged exposure to stress or by living in a way which is not in harmony with our body’s inherent wisdom.

  • It is a disorder of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis in which the Hypothalamus (the master gland) gets stuck on red alert.
  • The immune system is destabilised, adrenaline is pumped around the body and energy is diverted from the head and stomach to the muscles (which are in a constant fight or flight mode). The resulting symptoms include severe fatigue, muscle pain, brain fog, nausea, sleep problems and sensitivity to noise and light.
  • Fear of the symptoms and of “doing too much” produces more adrenaline so that we become locked in a cycle of chronic illness.

Success story

In 2005, European and World Champion canoeist Anna Hemmings recovered from a 2 year battle with M.E. using the methods of Reverse Therapy. During her illness she was so exhausted she would sleep for 15 hours a night and was sometimes too tired to wash her hair. In October 2005, fully recovered, she came back to win Gold in the World Championships and was nominated for Sports Personality of the Year in 2007.

How Reverse Therapy works

I use Reverse Therapy combined with other techniques drawn from my experience to help you break free of the cycle of illness. I will help you listen to what your body is trying to tell you through your symptoms and help you to act upon these needs and feelings. When the body feels heard, it is able to turn down the production of adrenaline and your symptoms will reduce and clear.

You will also learn how to say “stop” to the fearful and negative thoughts which keep you locked in the symptom-producing adrenaline loop. We will work with small practical steps so that you can build your confidence and bring more fun, activity and purpose into your life and start to live the life you want.

I have 25 years experience working as a therapist, couple counsellor and family therapist. I have trained in Reverse Therapy with Dr John Eaton and have a deep personal understanding of the effects of ME/ CFS/ FM/ PVFS.

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